Conexant AudioSmart® Breaks Speech Recognition Distance World Record

The ability to use a smart speaker from 5 meters away in a quiet room sounds impressive by today’s standards, but what about 10 meters away on the noisy roof of a high-rise building next to an airport? Or better yet – how about a record-setting 100+ meters away in the same high-noise conditions?

Conexant’s four-microphone voice pickup reference design for smart speakers with embedded voice pre-processing technology opens up a whole new world of voice enabled capabilities for devices. Conexant’s 4 mic system and speech processing technology allow devices to overcome extreme noise and distance challenges, with fewer microphones than the current state-of-the-art.

Conexant AudioSmart® Brings Noise Suppression and Echo Cancellation to Amazon Alexa Enabled Devices at CES 2017

AudioSmart® 4-mic Smart Speaker Demo @ CES

AudioSmart® 2-mic Smart Speaker Demo @ CES

Conexant AudioSmart® Enables Voice Barge-In on Devices

Conexant’s AudioSmart® technology can be used to enable a superior far-field, voice-enabled user experience by filtering out background noise and focusing in on what the user is saying, and can be used to enable voice barge-in on voice-enabled devices.

In this demo, we compare a factory-spec iPhone 6s and factory-spec Samsung Galaxy S6 to a modified Nexus 5 running Conexant AudioSmart® software. The AudioSmart® equipped Nexus 5 provides superior far-field speech recognition performance compared to the competing devices, and enables always-listening voice control functionality even when sound is emitting from the device’s speakers (barge-in).