Product Overview

The CX20823 mono ADC is a single-channel ADC that optimizes system cost and performance for near field voice input applications. The low-power device includes an audio ADC and integrated power management that allows the device to operate from a battery power supply directly. A very low-power disable state of less than 1μA extends battery life, and a fast wake-up time of less than 50ms ensures capture of all voice commands. The low cost and optimized performance make the CX20823 ideal for voice-input remote controls for SmartTVs, STBs, and Smart appliances.
Host InterfaceI2S/I2CI2S/I2CI2S/I2C
EfficiencyLow-PowerLow-PowerUltra-Low Power
On-Chip Signal ProcessingEQEQEQ, DRC
Analog Inputs421
ADC SNR10610694
Package48 QFN / 60 QFN48 QFN / 60 QFN20 QFN


Smart TVs

Set Top Boxes

Smart Appliances