CX20810 / CX20811

Product Overview

The CX20810 is a high performance, analog front-end, high-definition voice capture IC for voice recognition, control, and conferencing applications. The device supports a microphone array with up to four synchronized ADCs and programmable pre-amplifiers. Each pre-amplifier has a dedicated micbias supply that eliminates crosstalk. The entire input path guarantees 106dB dynamic range, which allows the voice system to use the full performance of a high SNR microphone using low microphone boost to prevent microphone saturation. This path is critical for far field applications, and also ideal for compact speaker-phone designs where the microphone and speakers are in close proximity.
Host InterfaceI2S/I2CI2S/I2CI2S/I2C
EfficiencyLow-PowerLow-PowerUltra-Low Power
On-Chip Signal ProcessingEQEQEQ, DRC
Analog Inputs421
ADC SNR10610694
Package48 QFN / 60 QFN48 QFN / 60 QFN20 QFN


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