Product Overview

The CX93040 modem paired with the CX20548 SmartDAA® 4 LSD, is well suited to embedded applications such as POS terminals, STBs, video recorders, meters, security systems, remote site management, and other applications that require robust dial-up connectivity. Integrating a microcontroller, DSP, memory, and a SmartDAA interface onto a single die, the CX93040 is easily adaptable for just about any application, and is completely independent of the host processor and operating system. In addition, the SmartDAA interface hooks directly to Conexant’s field-proven, market- leading fourth-generation silicon DAA, supporting the lowest component LSD and permitting a single-cost, optimized SKU that is capable of meeting and exceeding global PTT standards.

Speed56000 / 36000 / 2400 / 14400
Host InterfaceSPI
ProtocolsPoint-of-Sale / Alarm


POS Terminals



Security Systems