Product Overview

The CX93610 is a monolithic mixed signal ASSP designed for low cost and low power motion detection surveillance camera applications, as well as home monitoring/remote monitoring applications. Used with an external CMOS image sensor, the CX93610 offers a variety of specialized JPEG encoding techniques to highly compress and save image data in an internal 512KB/ 256KB frame buffer. An optional 2:1 and 4:1 scaler is available for image re-sizing. In addition, a 4:2:0 sub- sampling conversion is available to further reduce image file sizes. With a microphone input and programmable allocated buffering, a 2-bit or 4-bit ADPCM audio session can be recorded simultaneously during image captures. The stored images and audio data are then passed on to an external microprocessor for uploading to a preferred medium.

Low Power Image/Video Encode
BT.656 CMOS Sensor Interface
Microphone Input
ADPCM Encode
Ultra Low Power Standby
Processor/Encoder TypeLow Power Encoder


Remote Home Monitoring

Video Intercom / Monitor Security Intercom