Digital Video

Addressing a class of applications where video and network connectivity drive advanced imaging and video communications, Conexant’s ultra-low power image and video encoders and HD video processors provide the performance and flexibility needed for visual communication. Conexant’s image and video encoders support low power cameras for remote monitoring and other consumer applications. Conexant’s HD video processors support advanced smart home and video intercom applications in a single chip solution with low latency hardware video processing, ARM CPU, network and display support. Android and Linux SDKs support development of advanced system features. Complementing these products is Conexant’s family of analog video decoders, supporting capture and bridging functionality for analog, terrestrial, and digital broadcast video. These products support USB peripheral and embedded high quality video capture.


  • VGA JPEG / MJPEG / DIFF Encoder

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  • HD Video Decode Processor – H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2, JPEG

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  • HD Video Encode/Decode Processor

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CX23102 / CX20103

  • USB Video and Broadcast Audio Decoder with IF Demod

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