Voice / Audio

At Conexant, we bring forward optimum analog, mixed-signal and DSP technologies for high-fidelity voice and audio processing solutions. Blending software and chipset expertise, Conexant’s AudioSmart™ solutions deliver an audio experience that differentiates your products with better sound quality. We make speech recognition more accurate, voice communication clearer and multimedia audio sound its very best.

Audiophile grade audio processing delivers superior quality while conserving power. Our solutions address the increasingly high expectation for a better, clearer, richer audio experience in any environment. We offer complete audio input and output processing solutions: hardware, software, firmware, tools and expertise. Our product line consists of A/D converters, codecs, USB DSP codecs, voice/speech processors, and software.


Leveraging our core image processing expertise and digital imaging focus, Conexant’s ImagingSmart™ silicon and software solutions deliver an extraordinary imaging experience – making products stand out from the crowd. From our image processing IP, JPEG encoders and DSP technology, to our highly optimized image pipeline, Conexant offers a wide range of solutions for home, mobile and enterprise imaging applications.

Our comprehensive, industry-leading product portfolio spans four distinct product lines that include document and photo imaging controllers, digital video, modem, and fax solutions.