SAN FRANCISCO and IRVINE, Calif., August 11, 2016 – Conexant, a leading provider of audio and voice technology solutions that enable a more natural user experience, today announced that it will be participating in an Intel-sponsored education session that discusses audio and voice hardware and software solutions that provide a competitive edge at this year’s Intel Developers Forum (IDF16). During this education session, Conexant will be weighing in on the important roles that audio hardware and software algorithms play when designing products featuring a voice user interface, as well as other in-demand features like high-resolution audio playback and Voice over IP (VoIP). Conexant will also provide a live Microsoft Cortana chatbot demonstration running on a PC that showcases the far-field 360-degree voice capture capabilities afforded by the company’s AudioSmart™ software suite.

With form factors of devices across all categories getting slimmer, and consumer expectations for audio and voice performance on the rise, Conexant has become the go-to source for silicon and software solutions that provide a premium audio experience and a more natural user experience for voice-enabled applications. Conexant’s AudioSmart technology, a fusion of the company’s most effective noise reduction and echo cancellation software solutions offers device manufacturers an all-encompassing technology suite that improves accuracy of voice controlled systems, intelligibility of dialog over VoIP and maximizes audio fidelity and volume.

Who: Conexant and Intel

What: Conexant will be presenting in an Intel-sponsored education session called “Designing to Meet New Expectations for Audio Experiences and Standards Critical for Competitiveness” – PCITS02

When: Tuesday, August 16, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Where: Moscone Convention Center, Level 2, Room 2009

About Conexant

Conexant Systems, Inc. is the CE industry’s go-to source for hardware and software solutions that offer unrivaled performance for audio and voice applications. The company combines its significant IP portfolio in DSP, analog and mixed signal technology with embedded software to enrich and expand audio and voice capabilities of products across nearly every vertical of the CE space. Founded in 1999, Conexant is a privately-held fabless semiconductor and audio technology engineering company headquartered in Irvine, California with offices and design centers worldwide.

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